Precautions for healthy drinking / drinking water

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Water considerations

In our country, all tap water is sterilized by chlorine. Chlorine combines with the residual organic matter in the water to produce various carcinogens such as halogenated hydrocarbons and chloroform.

In addition, there may be wall impurities in the transmission pipeline from the water plant to the user's faucet entering the water body, and there are many water supply links, and there may even be pollution of sewage treatment equipment.

1. Precautions for direct consumption/drinking of tap water:

If filtering equipment is used to treat tap water, the filter element must be replaced regularly to ensure water quality.

In our country, tap water cannot be drunk directly. If you regularly drink incompletely boiled water, the possibility of bladder cancer and rectal cancer will increase by 21% to 38%. This is because harmful bacteria in the water can be completely killed only after the high temperature is maintained for a certain period of time.

Second, the choice of bottled water

1. When ordering bottled water, choose a sales point with complete licenses and good sanitary conditions, and understand whether the sales point is authorized by the manufacturer.

2. Observe the bottled water and judge its quality from the appearance. The water body of high-quality bottled water is clean, colorless and transparent, free of suspended solids and sediments, not sticky, and has no peculiar smell.

3. Carefully check the seal of the bottled water. The heat-shrinkable film of low-quality water-sealing is generally thin, without gloss and uneven wrinkles, while high-quality water-sealing is flat and tight. In addition, the tear on the lid of high-quality bottled water is easy to tear, while it is difficult to tear off the low-quality bucket.

4. Pay attention to the condition of the bucket. Some bottled water labels are not complete, and the barrel body is dark or even black, which indicates that the materials used in the production barrel do not meet the relevant standards or have been used for too long, and there is a hidden danger of drinking water safety.

5. Choose bottled water according to the amount of drinking water. In the case of unopened, the shelf life of bottled water is generally 45 days. Once opened, it is best to drink it within the shelf life. If you are not drinking a lot, you can consider buying a small bucket of water.

Three, the selection of drinking fountains:

1. Barreled water is generally weakly acidic, and those who have the conditions should choose an RO filter water dispenser to weaken the water.

2. Choose a drinking fountain with reasonable design and scientific structure to avoid bacterial growth.

3. Choose a water dispenser with sterilization function.

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