The necessity of preventing secondary pollution of drinking fountains

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The water dispenser works by using the principle of air pressure. When water is taken, the same amount of air also enters the water dispenser. Even in a clean environment, there are 4000 bacteria per square meter in the air. At the same time, carbon monoxide, smoke poisons, floating dust and microorganisms will be brought into the drinking fountain with the air, thereby polluting the original pure water. Microorganisms in the water body, such as algae bacteria, after a period of reproduction, will reach a concentration that is harmful to human health, resulting in secondary pollution of the drinking fountain. The longer you drink a bucket of water, the more amazing the number of bacteria multiplying, which will cause serious harm to human health.

In addition, the water dispenser usually has the barrel neck of the bottled water inverted and placed on the protruding seat of the water dispenser, and then the water is introduced into the two water tanks by the hose in the machine, one of which is a hot water tank and the other is a hot water tank. Cold water bladders, these two water bladders not only have the function of producing cold and hot water, but also can precipitate impurities in the water. People usually keep changing the bottled water repeatedly, but ignore that there is nearly 1000 ml of water in the tank of the drinking fountain. There will be pathogenic bacteria hidden in the water. And due to the design defects of conventional drinking fountains, there is a gap between the cold and hot tanks. There is a channeling temperature, so that the cold bladder temperature is close to the most suitable temperature for the growth of bacteria, and over time it becomes the source and breeding ground for bacteria.

If the drinking fountain has not been cleaned for a long time, you can see a layer of pale ocher on the inner wall and the water outlet when you open it, and it will feel slimy when you touch it with your hands. This is the dirt produced when bacteria grow and multiply. Sampling and testing by the Key Laboratory of Environmental Resources Utilization and Protection of Guangdong Province found that under normal temperature conditions, the number of harmful colonies in the water in the drinking fountain was 0 on the first day, but it climbed to 8,000 on the 10th day. This proves that the secondary pollution of bottled water is quite serious.

In May 2012, a survey by the Chongqing Municipal Health Supervision Bureau showed that 40% of households in the city had never cleaned their drinking fountains. Among the households who clean the water dispenser, 87% just simply scrub, for example, only remove the scale in the water tank, and never use professional disinfectant. "This kind of simple cleaning can't actually achieve the desired effect. Some bacteria that can't be seen with the naked eye are still attached to the drinking fountain." Therefore, the sanitary condition of drinking water in most citizens' homes is worrying.

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