Why does the human body drink water every day

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A truly effective method of drinking water is to drink a whole glass of water (about 200-250ml) in one breath (or one time).

Drink water instead of just two mouthfuls, so that the body can really absorb and use it. Of course, the so-called one-time drinking does not necessarily have to be finished in one breath. If you just take a sip or two to "quench your thirst", it won't help your body at all.

Try to avoid drinking distilled water (generally, the water of distilled water is too acid, which is easy to harm the body, and it is more harmful to people with weak kidneys), and choose high-quality mineral water. The best is the boiled mountain spring.

If possible, drinking alkaline water is most beneficial to the human body; otherwise, it is okay to drink it after cooking it in a household water filter.

In general, if you have no choice, it is better to drink than no drink!!

Drink warm water

In the hot summer, many people choose to drink ice water, or deliberately add ice to drink in the water.

In fact, ice water is not good for the function of the stomach. Drinking and warm water are more beneficial, because it helps the body to absorb and use it, and it helps the digestion of the stomach.

Drink water on an empty stomach

Of course, you can drink water at any time. Drinking only when you are thirsty often only quenches your thirst, and does not help.

An effective way to drink water is to drink on an empty stomach. The water will circulate directly through the digestive tract and be absorbed by the body. Drinking water after eating is not as effective as drinking water on an empty stomach. Try it!

Can put and take

Working people often neglect to drink water due to work relations, or prefer not to drink water in order to avoid the suspicion of "borrowing urine" for a short break; I hereby advise all friends not to avoid drinking water on the grounds of "going to the toilet frequently. If this continues, the bladder and kidneys will be damaged, and it will easily cause back pain.

As long as you slowly develop the habit of drinking water, the bladder gets used to it, and the frequency of going to the toilet will naturally gradually decrease. But drinking eight glasses of water a day and going to the toilet seven to eight times is also normal, and it is a necessary replacement for metabolism. Remember that the way of drinking water does not care about satisfying dry throat and neck. Drinking water only when your mouth is dry is not helpful at all.

Water is as important as oxygen to the body. Drinking water for the body is the only way to prolong life; drinking water for the body is the basic principle of beautiful skin. For health, for beauty, and water, is there any reason not to drink it?